Should I change the coil if I want to try other flavors?

It is recommended to replace the coil and enjoy the pure taste. Otherwise, old gins contain old juices that affect flavor.

Why does the taste change after multiple fillings?

Because the coil head in the ink cartridge has a life limit. After many uses, the cotton and heat-generating material in the coil head can become less effective and even cause dry strikes. So, if you find that the smell has subsided, it usually means that the life of the cartridge is coming to an end.

Will an automatic drawing device fire itself in a pocket?

No, the air sensor controls the automatic cable puller. When you exhale on the device, sensors detect airflow and keep the machine working. So no airflow through the engine, no work.

Who is banned from vaping products?

Minors, people allergic to alcohol (PG), patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, patients with respiratory diseases, pregnant and breastfeeding women, etc.

How often should I replace the coil?

The coils can be replaced at will, as you notice less flavor, or until they stop working altogether! Often, users can tell when they should replace the coil from the taste and type of vape they’re getting. The longer the ring is used, the more it degrades; the lock can be used anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks.